CBT – Self-Help Technique

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I took a step out of my comfort-zone this weekend to celebrate Waitangi Day in London. I went alone and ended up making some pretty great friends – who were also from New Zealand! So glad I went.  This post is about a self-help technique called…

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Something I have learned and believe in very strongly through my career is making connections with people. By ‘making connections’ I don’t mean the goal to be more well-known yourself, I mean ‘making connections’ by way of talking and communicating at a deeper level and by also creating more meaningful friendships. You’ll find by actively…

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Seasons Change

This post is basically for anyone having a rough time, I’m going to give you some routines to get your mind in a great space – using examples from my own life in the last 2 months. I honestly believe that keeping positive through the shit times has helped me get to where I am…

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(I began writing this in January and it is now February the 1st – obviously I am not doing so well with sticking to my goal!!) So, the beginning of a new year brings on another wave of goals and ‘resolutions’ that will hardly ever be fulfilled. This year I have decided to make only…

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