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First official post! Yay! Today has been a busy day – as I mentioned in my earlier post I am currently visiting family in Sydney. My niece and I travelled into the city to meet up with a friend from New Zealand who I hadn’t seen for the past 2 years so that was really exciting, also, we got Pavlova Gelato from N2, best gelato I have ever had (OMG).
¬†All excitement aside… Better start on the 5 Rules or things I think are most important to include as the basis of all day-to-day tasks and interactions. Let’s start with number 1.
1. Eat!
Sounds silly, right? But you need to fuel your body to keep going strong all day. Some rules I have with eating are to make sure everyday has 3 main meals (NEVER skip breakfast or you will end up binge eating throughout the rest of the day and it also leads to a whole lot of side effects that I wouldn’t suggest) and between those 3 meals, 2 healthy snacks. Cut down on your carbs-but don’t cut them completely, they’re practically sugars that don’t always get used and turn into fat – plus the amount of energy you get from carbs does not last you long and you will feel yourself getting hungrier faster (replace a breakfast of 2 slices of toast with a hardboiled egg and some yogurt for example!). Stay AWAY from energy drinks – seriously they are so detrimental to your health.
This doesn’t mean you cannot treat yourself though, I have a serious soft spot for foods like churros and gelato…. And french pastries… And anything chocolate (my boyfriend will varify this). Just try to limit the amount of ‘treats’ you are having to once a week or once a month. I have been terrible at this the last few weeks, I’m using the excuse that I am on holiday but also I am trying to gain weight (thats a post for a whole other day).
2. Forgive!
That guy that just cut you off, serious tosser right? Or the friend that borrowed your favourite shoes and you just found out that she broke the heel? Not okay.
There are different degrees of forgiveness, these two examples are quite low on the scale. Forgive the small stuff, quickly! In the long run, is that pair of heels or the man who cut you off really going to matter in the next 40 minutes. May as well realise that shit happens and there’s nothing more that can be done.
Forgiveness often takes a lot of hard work… And for the things that are on the more serious end of the scale (say your sister hooked up with your boyfriend – NOT a real situation, just making that clear) take your time to be able to forgive - but don’t take a lifetime. We all mess up, it’s human nature, and most of us learn from the situations that we face. So instead of becoming bitter and angry, learn to forgive and forgive to learn.
3. Communicate!
Stop thinking that texting or snapchatting your friends is real communication. By communicate I do not mean via virtual media, I mean by actually meeting up with someone (friend, family, someone you have NEVER met before) and just being there to listen to their story and forgetting about ourselves. If you haven’t tried this before you have no idea how important it is to do. So much of our time and communication in this day and age is focused solely on ourselves and what matters to us, but what I have found to be truly beneficial to my relationships is to be there in flesh and to really listen – to wipe all focus from myself and to ask questions about what matters to the person in front of me.
I have learned so many great stories and things about people through mindful listening – mostly in my nursing careers when a patient comes in for routine check ups. We get talking about their upbringing, jobs, current events in their lives, holidays, kids, grandkids, mistakes, issues, mindsets, fears.. everything. I always feel really honored that my patients feel as though they can confide in me, but also that I am able to use their advice in my life.
For more about mindful listening click here.
4.Be Grateful!
Now, I know (Mum and Dad if you’re reading this) that I have not been the most grateful person in life thus far… But I think I’m getting better at it! Focusing on the good rather than the bad is always of benefit. I don’t mean to be grateful for only material possesions either, my list consists of things like the flower on the sidewalk, the amazing view of the mountain from my parents house, my education, the chance to travel around the world, my family, that cute scene that evolved in front of me today of the three ladies wearing the exact same shade of pink and the relationships I have with my friends (I’m seriously lucky!). Material possesions fade with time and what really matters is what your left with when you have no clothes on your back and no money. Be grateful that you have those things, but be grateful for more too. I’m a sucker for all the little things.
5.Just Do It!
Stop putting it off, that thing you have been meaning to do for the last week/month/year. Have dreams, have plans and be excited by these. Find a way and do it (but don’t take out a massive loan to do said ‘it’ haha). Don’t live with ‘what ifs’ and ‘I wish I hads’. Quite a short topic but I think this one is open to each viewers discretion. Enough said.Anyway, it is now 11:30pm here and I should be off to bed now. I hope this post gives you an idea into what this blog is all about and have a good day tomorrow! It’s going to be a good day!



Jonah • December 3, 2014

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