(I began writing this in January and it is now February the 1st – obviously I am not doing so well with sticking to my goal!!)

So, the beginning of a new year brings on another wave of goals and ‘resolutions’ that will hardly ever be fulfilled. This year I have decided to make only ONE goal (previous years I have challenged myself with more resolutions and have yet to complete one yet!) and I have decided to make it a SMART goal. SMART goals are something I was taught while studying towards my nursing degree and used on a daily basis while working for the past 2 years as a nurse! For anyone who has not heard of these goals prior to this post, I will go into a bit of an explanation using my goal for this year as an example. My goal – to keep up with this blog and to keep writing. I have taken a break from my studies while I am in the UK and so this blog will provide me with an outlet and also provide my readers with information – like today’s post about SMART goals :)


So, to begin. SMART goals need to be ‘Specific‘. Using my goal or resolution for this year – to keep writing and to keep going with the blog – I have a scope for my goal, this blog! It isn’t a goal stating I am going to end poverty because this would be too big for me to tackle. Stick to the small stuff and you’ll find you will achieve your goals easier and probably at more speed.

Measurable‘ is the next key for making goals. You have to have some way of being able to measure your progress, some way to track your achievements! Mine for this blog is to see how many posts I can make on a monthly basis. I think once I get into the swing of things and stop being such a perfectionist I will be putting more blog posts out :)

Your goal must be ‘Achievable‘. Using my example of ending poverty, this is much too large of a task for one person to achieve. Your goal needs to be something you can see yourself achieving in the amount of time you have set aside (‘T’ being the last point for SMART goals).

Your goal must be ‘Relevant‘ to you and your ultimate goals in life. The relevance of your goal is probably one of the most important aspects of setting goals – if you don’t feel an attachment to the reasoning behind your goals you are less likely to work though to the end achieving the outcome you have hoped for. I feel like this blog is relevant to me because I feel strongly about creating the best future I can for myself and I wish that someone had given me a bit more motivation sooner!

And lastly, your goal must be ‘Time-Oriented‘. Set a target date in which to achieve your goal by – unless it is like mine, to keep going with this blog forever!


I feel like SMART goals can be used for anything you want to achieve in life, breaking the ultimate goals down to small steps to make the final outcome easier to achieve! Sometimes plans change, however, like you’ll see in my next post! Have a great February, friends! I will be writing another post about the last month and why I haven’t been online so much soon :) x



Jonah • February 1, 2015

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